Rush Pi Kapp @ West Chester University

When coming to college, a student is always advised to "get involved". There is nothing better than joining a fraternity. Right off the bat you are introduced to other students who have experience of this very same West Chester University. Older members of the fraternity can provide insight To help a freshman learn about college at an excellerated rate.  The advantages are endless.  Joining a fraternity will get you out of the dorms, and let you have a better understanding of how the university works. You will always be surrounded by people to walk to class with and discuss homework, and different people to go out with you on a given night, etc. You have the world at your fingertips with all of the opportunities put in front of you. Climb up the exec board and build your resume, meet leaders and faculty with connections across campus, play sports, make friends, have a place to go, a place to live, and meet sorority girls. Pi Kappa Phi provides the perfect opportunity to experience college to the fullest in every aspect.

Rush Dates 

  • Tuesday September 21st @ 7:00, 255 Sykes

  • Wednesday September 22nd @ 7:00, Sykes Ballroom B

  • Tuesday September 28th @ 8:00, 252 Sykes

  • For any questions contact: 
  • Sean Lowery

  • Become part of something bigger than yourself....

    These Guys are Good.